Tidying Up Your Home: Garbage Removal

Tidying Up Your Home: Garbage Removal

How To Minimise Your Rubbish Removal Costs

Joe Matthews

Australia currently faces a massive rubbish problem. Food waste is at the peak of this issue and has been found to have nefarious effects on the environment. Food rotting in landfills results in methane production, which holds 25 times the potency of standard vehicle emissions. Therefore, ethical and environmental-friendly rubbish removal is both the hygienic and moral thing to do. However, many Australians still hesitate to contact a professional rubbish removal service, for fear of the costs engendered. Here's everything you need to know to reduce these costs.

Practicality Of Rubbish Collection Impacts Your Rates

The less accessible the garbage to be collected, the more you will be charged for its removal. For instance, if you live at a half hour's distance from your chosen company's quarters, you will likely be charged more than the person living 15 minutes away. Therefore, finding a company within your area is crucial to minimising your costs.

You will also need to make the garbage easy to collect, for instance, by putting it out on the front street or taking it down the stairs if you live in apartments. Rubbish removal services in large cities usually anticipate having to carry garbage down long flights of stairs, transport it through tight alleyways or make several trips to get the rubbish to their truck. This will require using more equipment and will lengthen the collection time, leading to a higher quote. However, taking all these measures upon yourself by transporting all the garbage to be removed to the most accessible removal site will allow you to negotiate for lower rates.

You Will Need To Manage And Sort Your Rubbish Yourself

The bulk of your garbage disposal payments lies in the difficulty of the sorting process required. You will need to communicate directly with your removal service to enquire about their sorting method. However, most companies are likely to have the same needs. Heavy-duty junk (broken tiles, wooden materials, appliance components and other non-reusable materials) will have to be sorted away from consumables.

You will also need to dedicate one sorting bin for recyclable materials such as plastic bags, bottles, and other wrapping materials. Considering you will most likely be charged based on the weight of your rubbish, you will also need to make sure discarded items do not get wet (from being left outside in the rain, for instance), as this will most likely make your garbage heavier.

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Tidying Up Your Home: Garbage Removal

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