Tidying Up Your Home: Garbage Removal

Tidying Up Your Home: Garbage Removal

Why You Should Have Your Green Waste Removed Quickly

Joe Matthews

Gardening and landscaping can be a relaxing and rewarding practice when you do it right. But once you've finished creating your garden masterpiece, inevitably, you're left with a pile of green waste. Although it can seem harmless to leave green waste lying around for a few days or even weeks, doing so could be damaging in a number of ways.

Green Waste Brings Pests

A pile of grass cuttings and twigs might not seem like much to you. But to certain pests, all that green waste is an opportunity too good to miss. For instance, cockroaches like to nest in dark, moist areas close to food sources. And unfortunately for you, cockroaches will eat just about anything. That means a pile of green waste can bring cockroaches to your yard.

If cockroaches take up residence in your green waste, they could then spread to your home. Likewise, termites also like piles of green waste. But, unlike cockroaches, termites can do massive damage to your property and the surrounding area if they take root.

Green Waste Is a Fire Hazard

During the hot weather of summertime, a pile of green waste is a dangerous thing to have in your yard. Weeds, twigs and plant clippings dry out very quickly in hot weather. And should a fire start, that pile of green waste could cause serious harm to your property.

Green Waste Can Block Drains

If you leave your green waste out in the open, it has the potential to block your drains. If the sewer pipes on your property become clogged with dead grass, you could soon begin to suffer serious plumbing issues within your home. Not only that, but blocked pipes can also affect your garden if the backed-up waste inside the pipes ends up covering your yard.

Green Waste Spreads Weeds

Among all that green waste piled up in your garden are seeds. Some of those seeds are from the weeds that you have dug up while gardening. This means that if you leave that green waste long enough, those seeds could end up scattered all over your garden and those of your neighbours.

This happens because birds and other animals come along and disturb green waste, as does windy weather. In a few days or weeks, you could find weeds and plant saplings springing up all over your yard.

Don't leave your green waste in your yard for too long. Hire a green waste removal service to remove it for you.


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Tidying Up Your Home: Garbage Removal

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