Tidying Up Your Home: Garbage Removal

Tidying Up Your Home: Garbage Removal

Can You Safely Recycle Paint?

Joe Matthews

Many Australians have a garage that is overflowing with a huge assortment of "stuff." Broken tools, old bicycles, keepsakes, Christmas decorations – you name it. One corner of the garage may be piled high with old cans of paint as well, a relic from previous renovations or projects that may have been left by the wayside. However, this old paint can present a significant problem if it is time to downsize and clear out that garage space.

What should you do with this paint, and can it be recycled?

Hard or Liquid

Before you can proceed, you will need to open each can of paint carefully and look at its condition. If it's been there for some while and the lid has not been very carefully attached, then the paint may be rock hard. If, on the other hand, the paint is not that old but certainly past its best, then it may still be liquid, and you will need to take some further action.

Recycling Process

Generally speaking, liquid paint cannot be recycled. You will need to ensure that all of the paint is hardened before you can get it collected and will need to allow a few days for the process to take shape. If you have any cat litter left over, add some of this to each paint pot and leave the lid off for a day or two. When you return, the paint should be completely hard, and you can replace each lid before calling in the recycling agent.

Of course, if you find a can that only has a very small amount of paint in it, then you can take a brush and simply paint the leftovers onto a cardboard box or similar to get rid of it.

Don't Do This

Never pour paint down the drain, as this would be extremely harmful to the local environment. It may also pool within the system, harden and cause a significant blockage. If engineers were to trace the paint back to your property, you could face a significant fine for pollution.

Anything Else?

While you are taking care of all of that paint, have a good look at everything else stored in the garage. You may be surprised at what you find and what you may be able to get rid of. Talk with your recycling agent if you have any other specific questions and to see what you can repurpose before you move on to your new property.


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